Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Birthday

Yes, my birthday was over two months ago, but I haven't blogged for that long. I came home a few days before my birthday to find Israel putting the finishing touches on wrapping a box. This was a week after I was analyzing the credit card account and found a substansial purchase from Wal-mart. It was Saturday morning, so I went and woke him up to ask him about it. He "pretended" to fall back asleep and totally ignored my question. When he woke up for real, I asked him about it again. I wanted to make sure someone hadn't been using our card. He got a really sad face and said he knew about it. I smiled and said that's all I needed to know. I did spend the following week trying to figure out what it was. I've used the cricut to scrapbook a page of our honeymoon. There will be many more hours spent with the cricut.
My parents took me out to Valley Ranch, a local bbq favorite. I was able to get a baked potato with smoked turkey. Forget about the butter, sour cream, and cheese. Even without all the fixins, it still tasted super yummy.