Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This past week Katelyn has started smiling in response to you. It's so fun to get her to smile and goo. I took this picture on the way to go visiting teaching. I was buckling her in, and she was in a very good mood.

Church Dresses

So after a week of Israel being out of town, we decided to go out on Saturday night. Israel treated me to some very low fat frozen yogurt at TCBY. I love the treats I've found to satisfy my sweet tooth without having a gall bladder attack. Our trip to the mall was two fold though. Katelyn wore a little jumper last week to church (see previous blog). Well, I couldn't have her wear the same thing twice in a row. I guess I could have had her wear one of her cute one piece outfits, but I thought she needed a new dress. How vain and ridiculous am I? Israel and I checked out the Children's Place, very disappointed with their selection. I started being a little rational and suggested we check JCPenney's on the way out. If they didn't have anything there, we would go without. They had the cutest dresses. Israel was a real trooper and actually ended up finding the dresses we purchased. After checking out, Israel and I just laughed that we had just spent $50 on two baby dresses. Only first time parents, right? Don't worry, we're taking one of them back. I'm not that ridiculous.
I think she looked pretty dang cute in it.

She was ready for a nap.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our Outing to Church

We took Katelyn to church today! It was so fun dressing her up. Her outfit
drowned her. Everyone thought she was adorable.

She was a very good baby. The only time she made a sound was in the mother's lounge.

Our "Thugette"

Whenever we put her hats on, we call her our little thugette. Israel pointed out that she can't be a thug because she's a girl, so we changed the ending. I also love her little lady bug outfit. I guess you can't be much of a thug when wearing smiling ladybugs.

The first thing people comment on is her hair. It is a little out of control. I'm in the process of deciding when I should give her a haircut. Check out the length of her bangs. I have to brush them to the side, so they stay out of her eyes.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


He Said - As I stated with Katelyn's birth, she is one strong little girl.

Sarah had placed Katelyn's little play mat in the living room. We placed baby Kate on the mat stomach down. Katelyn is always moving around and trying to climb us when she is on our chests. When she was placed on the mat, she decided to demonstrate her strength.

She rolled herself from her stomach on to her back. All this at a day over one month old.

Suffice it to say that Sarah and I were both very impressed.

Like I've been saying our little she-ra (for those that don't know ask an 80's kid).