Monday, December 13, 2010

Seussical Birthday

I can now see why parents get party planners for their children's birthday parties. I had a lot of fun planning Katelyn's first birthday party and learned a lot for the next one. One lesson I can't seem to make stick is not to procrastinate; however, the party was a ton of fun.

The invitation:

My mom had written a poem for a baby shower that my sister threw, so we took that poem and adjusted it to fit. I am so glad my mom can write rhyming poetry because I am not so good at it.

The Decor:

This is the adult/baby table.

My Aunt Livi has quite the collection of Seuss stuffed animals. They came in handy.

This is where you can totally tell how lame I am. We haven't decorated our tree yet, but it worked for the party decor! I knew I was waiting for something.

The Attire:

My cousin, Brianne and I made her the tutu skirt. I cut and she tied.

"Hats off to the Birthday Girl"

Next time I try an iron on, I think I will measure where it hits the baby. There was a little too much room on top.

The Guests:

Here's where all the cousins sat. It was the One Fish Two Fish table. They had fish plates and a fish bowl in the middle of the table. Israel made his yummy lasagna, which Katelyn got to try for the first time. Yum!

The Presents:

The Cake:

This was my first real attempt at cake decorating. It's so not perfect, and I ran out of time, patience, and hand muscles towards the top, but I was okay with the end result.

Katelyn clapped when everyone sang and we blew the candle out.

Here's a progression of the cake experience. I only made the cutest ones big.

She was one messy girl!

The favors:

I did different bags for different age groups.

The Family:

Israel was such a big help at getting everything ready.