Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The New Year--Okay Two Plus Months Into It

As I've said before, when I get computer time, I usually scrapbook. Today I figured I would blog since I haven't done it in three months! Yikes! I do the scrapbooking to document life, but I wanted to share our precious memories with all of you that live so far away. Maybe, some day I will go backward and blog about Christmas...

In January, Katelyn finally decided that walking was a good idea. She'd been taking a few steps here and there and then all the sudden, she's all over the place. On the day I took this picture, I was trying to get video of her walking, but she just stood there and swayed back and forth and then crawled away. That little turkey!

My mom ended up staying here in the states the whole month of January. My dad was back for a week of it. It was so fun to have them in our home--oh wait, their home that we're residing in. My mom was a huge help--doing cleaning projects and watching and entertaining Katelyn. Israel and I even got a few kidless dates. We often would play games with my mom and dad after Katelyn went to bed. Who would have thought my mom would like Settlers.

While my mom was here, Katelyn and I went with her to Kentucky for Matt's graduation from army training and then on to Tennessee for Becca's baptism. It was a fun trip!

I can't pretend that Katelyn was the perfect traveler, but she did extremely well considering that we drove through eight states. She also decided she loves chicken nugget kid meals. (Credits: Wyld Web Designs)

Israel laughed so hard when he saw the picture of Katelyn's tiny head poking out of this tank. I couldn't believe how tight the space was getting up there.

While at my sister, Rachel's house, we went to the park. Katelyn loves the slide.

She and Isaac shared it all-bread and each other's snotty noses.

Becca and Katelyn before the baptism. Rachel's girls all adore Katelyn and spoil her rotten with attention.

The whole gang including Becca's other grandparents.

Anna pushed Katelyn around on the fire engine for a long time. Katelyn loved it!
The picture is way out of focus, but we frequent a place called Bouncin' Bears. It has all those blow up slides and moonwalks. It's free for parents and kids under 18 months. We've been there with library storytime friends, Bri and her kids, and some friends from church.

Katelyn is a huge help in the kitchen. Actually, I usually can get work done in the kitchen without too many disruptions because she loves the broom, her mixing bowls, and spoons out of the dishwasher.

Katelyn wore her red dress the Sunday before Valentine's day. Carmen went to church with us that day and was over for dinner and games.

I made heart shaped pancakes for Valentine breakfast. Katelyn enjoyed them, but not as much as her blueberries.

My mom and dad got her a baby doll stroller. Katelyn's favorite part was pushing the button to make the music play. She was in the process of opening the card, but would stop and bend over to push the button every time the music stopped.
Katelyn is such a good mommy. She gives her babies kisses and hugs, feeds them, and takes them on rides in her little car.

We went to the zoo in February with some new friends, Jimmy and Heather and their two adorable kiddos.
In the African Forest, they had bongo drums. Katelyn loves playing drums.

Yes, I crawled through a tight tube to get this prairie dog picture.

Katelyn went on her first carousel ride. She wasn't sure about it until the music started and Caden took her hand to make her feel better. So tender!
I sent Israel and Katelyn outside to play, so I could do some last minute cleaning before the Stewarts came over for pizza and games. Israel has recently found a love for photography and was playing with our camera. I just love how he captured Katelyn playing Peek-a-boo. He actually just bought a fancier camera (after these pictures were taken), so he can capture memories better. So, keep your eyes open for his new pics.
(Credits: Connie Prince_Brain Freeze)