Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Rest of March

Here's my attempt at staying current on the blog. Here's a glimpse of what's been going on with us. Katelyn finally got her first haircut. She did a great job--didn't cry, fuss, or even wiggle that much. I guess that's why they put a TV at every station. Before During After
My brother and family finally get to be together in their new home in Georgia. My brother has been doing all his army training, and his family stayed here. Now, he's stationed at Fort Benning and they moved this past month. We watched the kids while Matt and Falicia packed and cleaned their apartment. We took them along with a friend from the neighborhood to a pizza joint. Katelyn loves pizza and you can see it all over her shirt in these pictures.

The big kids played laser tag while the little ones played in the kiddie section.

Totally last minute (talking about the night before), I decided to throw a "Green Party" for the cousins. I couldn't have pulled it off without Brianne's help though.

Cute Little Leprechauns

Katelyn loved wearing this headband. She wore it in the store, on and off through out St. Patrick's day, and then wanted to put it back on the next day.

A leprachaun left behind his box with all sorts of treats including "green potion."

We used that green potion to finger paint with whipped cream.

Bri cut out the parts for these adorable hats.

The leprachaun left a clue to start out the treasure hunt. The kids were all over the place--up and down the stairs, outside.

My mom actually wrote the clues. She has a talent for making things into cute little rhymes.

The kids were so excited when they found the pot with gold and other goodies. We also read some books and searched for all the green toys in the toy room.

My big achievement for the night was making corned beef and cabbage. I was a little nervous, but it turned out all right. Thank goodness for Crock Pots.

Katelyn looks like she is picking her nose, but the kids had macroni and cheese with a little green potion, cucumbers, and grapes.

Brianne made these adorable rainbow cupcakes. It was a fun night!

In the next few months, you will see a lot of zoo pictures. We bought a membership, so I have to use it! Katelyn and I went with a bunch of moms and babies from library time. Katelyn totally got excited this time. In February, she really didn't seem to care she was there. The minute we walked through the gates, she was pointing and making noises.

Again in February, she didn't want anything to do with the goats. This time around she grabbed a brush and went around to every goat she could get to.

Aren't they cute?

The babies loved the fish.

Another day, Brianne and I took the kids up to The Woodlands for a boat ride. They loved sticking their heads out the window. We also got up close and personal with some ducks while we waited for the boat. Afterwards, we played at the mall playground and went and got some frozen yogurt.

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