Thursday, December 1, 2011

Introducing James

Two weeks ago today, I was still pregnant. It's amazing how one day can change your life.

"Baby New" is now officially James Israel Arciniega. He was born on November 17th weighing seven pounds, 10 ounces (almost a pound bigger than Katelyn).

Here he is all puffy just minutes after delivery.

His delivery story was not the planned one, but one we won't forget. I called Israel around 2:00 saying he might want to head down towards my mom's house (30 minutes from his work). I finally got around to timing contractions and they were about every four minutes. It's funny how when you have a toddler wanting attention, it's harder to watch the clock. I skipped a few contractions and for a small moment I thought about calling Israel to have him turn around and go back to work. Glad I didn't! Israel got there, we swung by our house to pick up the bag, and drove to the hospital in The Woodlands.

We got there at 3:35 and James arrived at 4:11! Needless to say, I didn't get my epidural. The nurses had to coach me on breathing, so I would wait for the doctor to get to the triage room. "Just wait for the doctor to get his gloves on."

We love our new baby. One of my favorite "Mommy moments" was when my parents brought Katelyn to the hospital to meet James. She was adorable and so loving. One of the first things out of her mouth was "mine!" She was full of kisses, hugs, and smiles.

One Proud Daddy

Israel was extremely supportive through the whole process. He adores James, and I love watching him interact with our children.

Now all the heart burn makes sense--look at that hair!

My cousin, Brianne came up the next day to meet James.

This is me ready to go home. I get so antsy when they've told us we can go, but the discharge process takes forever long. I can't get too upset, they did let us leave at 9:00 at night instead of making us stay another night.

It was so good to be home with both my babies.


  1. Sarah he is co cute! Congratulations!!! Little boys are so much fun.

  2. Congratulations, Sarah! He is just as perfect as his big sis!

  3. He's perfect Sarah!! So glad he's here!! : )

  4. Congrats! He is so cute. The hair is adorable.